Checkpoint BLN is a sexual health center serving
– gay and bisexual men and their partners
– trans and inter people (regardless of sexual orientation)

Uncomplicated, open-minded and community based.

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Nurse/Medical Assistant and/or Receptionist | part time or full-time (20–39 hrs/wk) | temporarily until the end of 2022

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Checkpoint BLN offers tests and treatment for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infections. We also offer counseling on sexual health, chemsex/substance use and queer issues. We are here for you. No strings attached!


PrEP reliably prevents HIV infection. Short for pre-exposure prophylaxis, it refers to HIV-negative people taking medication that protects them from catching the virus.

Checkpoint BLN offers PrEP counseling, prescription and the required preliminary and ongoing check-ups both for people with and without health insurance. Those without health insurance may incur costs between €35–60 per appointment.

In our initial video call, we will give you information on how to take PrEP, possible side effects and everything else you need to consider. We will then arrange an on-site appointment for all further steps (i.e. HIV/STI tests and prescription).

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We offer anonymous HIV tests as well as tests for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Hepatitis C. We charge between €5–25 depending on your choice of tests, but a free HIV/STI test is available to anyone with a low income.

Before testing, we will inform you about the test procedure, answer your questions on the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and discuss safer sex strategies. In case of a positive diagnosis, we also provide treatment at Checkpoint BLN.


In the heat of the moment, accidents can happen. Forgot to take your PrEP? Skipped the condom, or it broke?

In those situations PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) has a high probability of preventing a HIV infection. The treatment with PEP should start as soon as possible and within 48 hours at the latest.

Don’t hesitate and visit us as soon as possible: Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm

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If you have symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, we can test and  treat you at Checkpoint.

Please book an appointment with our  reception, daily from 2 p.m. under the following number: 030 40 36 46 10.

Just talk

Do you have concerns or questions about your sexual health? Do you want to talk about your sex life, your risks or your chemsex/substance use? We’re here to listen to you and advise you without judgement, promptly and anonymously – via video call for your convenience.

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Trans Inter Non-Binary

Every last Saturday of the month we open exclusively for people who identify as trans, inter or non-binary. Come as you are!

Book appointment

Book an appointment for a test on site or counseling per video call.
Appointments are available 3 days in advance and are made available daily.


We are happy to provide interpretation in Arabic, Farsi or Russian for your visit. Request this service by writing us at: termine@checkpoint-bln.de. You may write your email in Arabic, German, English, Farsi or Russian. We will get back to you with suggestions for appointments.

About us

Checkpoint BLN is a community-based center for sexual health and your first point of contact for counseling and treatment needs. We offer counseling on safer sex and substance use and provide HIV/STI testing and treatment. In addition, we offer PrEP and PEP.

Checkpoint BLN is a cooperation between Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V., dagnä e.V. and Schwulenberatung Berlin. We host physicians from several medical practices specialising in HIV and sexual health. Checkpoint BLN is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Health, Long-Term Care and Gender Equality.

Our Team


Our facility is located on the 3rd floor and can be reached by elevator. The dimensions of the elevator are: Door width 80cm, depth 140cm. The front door is 84cm wide and can be unfolded further. All other doors are 92cm or wider. The toilets are wheelchair accessible. There is a threshold of approx. 4cm at the street entrance. If you require assistance, call our reception at 030 40 36 46 10.

The closest underground station is U Hermannplatz, which is equipped with elevators.

If you have further questions or comments about accessibility, please send us an email or call us during opening hours. We are looking forward to your visit!

Checkpoint BLN

Checkpoint BLN
Hermannstraße 256-258
12049 Berlin

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Checkpoint BLN

Third floor
Hermannstraße 256–258
12049 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 40 36 46 10

Fax: +49 30 40 36 46 149

Opening hours

Monday–Friday, 2–8pm (14:00–20:00)

Test results

+49 30 40 36 46 122
Monday–Friday, 6.30–8pm (18:30–20:00)

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